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Experience Music like never before

We manufacture custom
Hand-crafted Turntables

At EBI Audio, We honor the art of music and strive to keep the Beauty of its soul alive as time passes. Equipping heritage instrument that delivers the purest form of music with modern-day engineering is the prime objective at EBI Audio. We don’t just look sound in isolation. Often, the experience of sound is complemented by something really spectacular. Along with the sound, we are equally passionate about the user's visual experience. Hence, every element of the turntable we manufacture is handcrafted to the tiniest detail.


Home is where the Record Player is

Everyone deserves a remarkable listening experience.
By re-imagining the audio experience and eliminating non-essentials,
we’ve designed an elegant turntable that delivers lifelike and detailed sound.

What People Say

Blue Record

Anil Valluri

I got two of moving coil cartridges rebuilt by EBI. One was a Audio Technica OC9/ML2 and the other was a wood body  DL103. Both of them lost their stylus and cantilever in accidents. EBI put in boron cantilever and nude diamond with micro ridge tip profile. They are very professional and very prompt. I got the cartridges back in 1 week. I can’t thank EBI enough for this great service they offer to audiophiles in India. Imagine sending these to UK or US and getting them retipped or rebuilt. Not only lot more expensive but easily a 2-3 month exercise.

On the Turntable

Chandrasekaran VL

A couple of days back i received my lyra mc cartridge reworked completely from EBI and it sounds awesome much much better than the cartridges i owned. I have high end cd players like dcs and play back designs the music sprang out of EBI impressed me the same way as dcs impressed me when i added that to my system. I am very thankful to EBI and i am very proud its made in India. Now i understand it's not about brands dedication and skills make fine products.

Carpenter Craving in Wood

Assembled by hand in India

Our expert technicians assemble and test each turn table. tonearm and Moving Coil Cartridge keeping the assembly at home and working with quality suppliers allows us to consistently deliver the highest level of quality.

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