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EBI Audio: A Journey

EBI Audio is a turntable manufacturing company. This company is represents a hobby cum passion transform to a full fledged career. The love for music and turntables from an early age resulted in the formation of the same. We pride ourselves on producing quality products that exceed our own expectations with unique technologies, design styles & techniques used during product development and production. Our customers will be sure they are getting exactly what’s listed within this section or anywhere else at EBI Audio.

Keeping it alive

EBI Audio exclusively manufacture turntables with an intent to keep the love of turntables alive. Turntables have a huge history behind it and we want it to keep going. We aim for quality audio reproduction, but also sound design in all aspects which can be found by listening to our product. We use state of the art, cutting edge technology to manufacture our turntables. This way we keep the player at par with time and technology.

BTS: Tariq Shafeeque

Tariq Shafeeque a structural engineer by profession is the working genie behind this company. Tariq got introduced to vinyl through his father at a very early age. He grew up listening to music on record players and developed a hobby of collecting albums. As a young man he used to listen to budget turntables. The love for music epecially from a turntable never took the down slope and kept on gaining heights. Once Tariq got a chance to restore a Technics SL 23. This provided his hobby a boost and ended up transforming this hoppy to his career as EBI Audio. Tariq is now one of the well known names in the record player community from India. Moreover, this company he established is a sole custom turntable manufacturer in India.

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Our Projects

We have manufactured and customized many turntables till now and have worked on both national and global projects. We have manufactured right from scratch and have also restored old classic turntables. The restoration of the original equipment is one way that our customers benefit by being able to get quality in return for money they pay! Most of our turntables use handcrafted wood and delicate imported parts. All of them are assembled in-house by our experienced engineers.

Blue Record

Interested in getting a turntable customized for yourself? Why are you still waiting?

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