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Back view of carbon fibre tonearm
  • Carbon Classy Tonearm Ebi-Audio

    • Introducing the EBI-Audio Carbon Fiber Tonearm:  


    Step into the world of turntable with the EBI-Audio Carbon Fiber Tonearm, a groundbreaking addition to the high-end market that smoothly blends innovative engineering with great attention to detail craftsmanship. Crafted by the skilled hands of designer Mr. Tariq Shafeeque, this tonearm defines features with its unique construction and materials. 


    Traditionally, turntable tonearms have been crafted from materials like steel, aluminum, and titanium. However, EBI-Audio takes a bold step by utilizing the power of Carbon Fiber (CF), a composite material distinguished for its stiffness, durability, and versatility. Its rigidity minimizes vibration and lightweight naturally reduces inertia. 


    The EBI-Audio tonearm goes beyond the ordinary, featuring an armtube with an intricate design of many layers of hand-laid CF fibers, precisely aligned using CAD design. Which makes it more rigid than aluminum without increasing the weight. It offers benefits in effective mass savings for enhanced performance. The stiffness of the armtube ensures precise tracking across the record, allowing the styles to follow intricate details of the groove.  


    • Unveiling the Extraordinary: Key Features 


    Impressive Effective Mass: One of the standout features is the impressive Effective Mass is 14g, a testament to the careful balance in design. The arm predominantly uses CF, maximizing its usage to create a rigid structure without compromising Effective Mass (EM). This balance ensures optimal cartridge/arm resonance, contributing to the exceptional performance of the EBI-Audio tonearm. Overall, it works great with all types of cartridges available on the market. 


    Complex Carbon Fiber Design: The engineering philosophy extends to the alignment of carbon fibers along the armtube's length, aiding in transmitting vibrations away from the cartridge. The extensive use of CF in armtube further decreases vibration, providing a substantial advantage. 


    Fix Headshell: The headshell, a critical component, is made of 7075 high grade aluminum. It has excellent mechanical properties, like high rigidity, damping, and natural strength. It's lightweight, typically 5g. The surface finishing minimizes friction and its polish classy appearance add the touch of elegance with high durability. Fix headshell provides direct connection from cartridge to the amplifier. This design reduces the number of connections and increases the efficient signal transmission.  


    • Precision Engineering: Under the Hood 


    12-Inch Effective Length: The EBI-Audio manufactures a 12-inch tonearm which provides great tracking with groove, and it is compatible with most of the cartridges all around the globe. The arm floats on two gimble bearings for vertical movement having negligible friction. Adding, it has exceptional damping properties, effective absorbing, and smoot balance structure does not impact on system of tonearm. 


    High Precise Ceramic Bearing:  


    VTA, VTF, And HRA Adjustments: Adjustments are straightforward yet effective, allowing for precise tuning of lateral cartridge alignment, arm height, tracking force, and anti-skate. Our tonearm has Vertical Tracking Angle (VTA) and Horizontal Racking Angle (HRA) adjustments, optimizing sound quality by ensuring the stylus aligns flawlessly with the record groove. 


    • Crafting Your Unique Sound Experience 


    Promise of Perfection With Handcrafted Excellence: While the pre-production model exhibits a promising fit and finish, expectations for perfection rise at this price level, and the final production version is anticipated to surpass these expectations. EBI-Audio takes pride in offering a handcrafted, made-to-order product with a focus on individual customization. The EBI-Audio tonearm delivers a remarkable experience. Despite the pursuit of ultimate rigidity and the extensive use of Carbon Fiber, the arm's sound is characterized by a substantial and expansive soundstage with improved macro-dynamics. It excels in reproducing intricate details and maintaining consistency across the frequency range, making it a compelling choice for discerning audiophiles. 


    Choose EBI-Audio - Elevate Your Turntable Journey ”  




    1. Tonearm material :~ Carbon fiber
    2. Type :~ I-type (straight)
    3. Effective length :~ 305mm
    4. Effective mass :~ 14 g
    5. VTA adjustable :~ yes
    6. Inner null point :~ 64.675mm
    7. Outer null point :~ 120mm
    8. Overhang :~ 13mm
    9. Offset angle :~17degree



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